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Skinscriptions’ ‘hidden’ secrets REVEALED

Skinscriptions’ ‘hidden’ secrets REVEALED

“I always say I want Skinscriptions to be the Martha Turner of medical spas in terms of class and success,” says Melissa Gibbens, an award-winning injector and medical spa owner. As she’s Turner’s niece, this apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Her medical spa, Skinscriptions by Melissa Gibbens, was voted “Best Medical Spa in Memorial” in 2017, 2018, and 2019. And, Evolus, Inc. just named her one of the “Top 200 Injectors in the Nation.” A passionate educator and leader in her field with 20 years of experience, Melissa is a nationwide trainer for Aesthetic Management Partners and serves as the President for the Texas Aesthetic Nursing Coalition.

Her secret is simple: “Anyone can inject, but only a few truly have an artistic and aesthetic eye to visualize how to customize the approach for each patient.” Through her understanding of anatomy and the art of injecting and contouring, she ensures cutting-edge cosmetic enhancements with excellent outcomes. Melissa and her hand-selected, highly-trained staff of Nurse Practitioners and Nurses consider each person’s unique bone structure, muscle and symmetry in order to achieve a youthful, rested and lifted appearance. She believes every one of her patients deserve a younger, yet balanced, geometric outcome without looking “done.” In short, her aesthetic services blend art, science and expertise.

First Class Skinscriptions Experience

Being centrally located, her spa is convenient to visit whether you are coming from River Oaks or Fulshear. Skinscriptions is a boutique setting where everyone’s greeted by name upon arrival. The clientele range from local and international dignitaries, super models, Disney characters, professional athletes, and housewives. VIP patients can discreetly enter and exit through a private door if they so desire, and everyone can walk out of the office and straight to the car without running into anyone in an elevator.

Patients feel like they’re at a girlfriend’s house in the spa’s Numbing Nook, where they discuss procedures and relax. Numbing cream, ice therapy, and creative distractions help patients unwind in comfort. Additionally, Melissa assures everyone leaves with makeup matched to exact skin shades and any bruising addressed with red light healing therapy, insuring patients walk out of the medical spa looking like they were never there. This stems from a deep commitment she learned from her entrepreneur parents, that “you have one reputation, and I want to be proud of my work and want to know I did the right thing for each patient.”

Small Things That Make People Love Their Reflection

“I started Skinscriptions because as a medical sales rep and trainer, I saw a lot of patients getting unnecessary work that didn’t make them look younger, and believed people deserve better.” At Skinscriptions, less is more. We take a more conservative approach over multiple visits, so our patients look younger without seeming to have had any work done. Our biggest accomplishment is having patients say, “No one even noticed I had work done. They just say I look healthier and rested.”

Using injections to make features look bigger isn’t the same as making them look younger. If someone’s skin isn’t smooth and glowing, their canvas isn’t clean so-to-say, and injections won’t change that. It’s important to educate patients on what will make them look more youthful, overall. We take time with each patient and inform them of the options that are appropriate for them. Education is key because every face is unique and cannot be approached the same way. “We spend time with each client explaining the aging process and how we combine modalities to create a wow effect.”

Eight Porsches… Where?

“I often joke that I have eight Porsches parked in my office.” In her tenure as a trainer, she has prepared hundreds of doctors and nurses throughout the state of Texas on dermal fillers and neurotoxins and knows the importance of having the best possible equipment in the most highly trained and skilled hands. Melissa is a trailblazer for learning and adopting the latest technologies to get her patients better outcomes, often even being involved in studies before these technologies come to market. She was the first practice in Texas to use Neogen Plasma. Melissa has had the opportunity to train under some of the world’s leading plastic surgeons including Mauricio de Maio, MD, ScM, PhD and facial plastic surgeon Kian Karimi, MD FACS.

Her education is worth at least one sports car. With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from The University of Texas, Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Promotion and teaching certification from Texas State University, Melissa’s medical knowledge paired with the first-class equipment is a competitive edge that puts her medical spa miles ahead of those lead by generalists. She’s currently studying to become a Nurse Practitioner at Purdue University, so watch out for even more state-of-the art equipment and world-class services.

Her Medical Spa 2020 Forecast puts new technology at the center. “Hair restoration using PRF is going to be a big trend this year. People are ecstatic to grow new hair after thinning, the results are amazing, says Melissa.” Achieving a more youthful appearance with plasma and injected radiofrequency procedures will also be very hot. Skinscriptions has the only targeted radiofrequency machine, AGNES, in Houston. Instead of waving the frequency over the face and body, now we inject it. This is a game-changer for people with jowls or under eye bags that used to only be addressed with surgery. Now, we can do more with facial contouring than ever before.

Melissa leaves a final thought: “Skinscriptions is a ‘hidden’ secret that isn’t so hidden anymore. I feel so humbled to have the opportunity and trust of my patients to get to do what I do every day.”

Melissa Gibbens

To experience it all, make an appointment today:

14441 Memorial Dr #5, Houston, TX 77079

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